Monday, May 10, 2010

Ad Hominem

My friend Vijay TV's (VTV) recent blog post prompted me to write a few lines on it.

Like him, I never thought I'd write on this subject.   But unlike him, I didn't bother to write, because I was, simply not bothered.

I will not contest VTV's sentiments towards this issue. That's not the problem at all […though I read Kushboo's statement differently.]

But what piqued me, was his rationale in defending his sentiment which reaches the ultimate conclusion that Kushboo should shut up.  Why?

Because she's from the cinema industry, which according to VTV, is the biggest sex industry.  And people who come from such an industry - presumably, people with loose morals, do not have a stand to comment on such topics.

My question, then, VTV,  is, had the statement been made by someone outside the film industry, let’s say N Ram or  Sachin Tendulkar (whom I’m sure, you’d have some respect for),  would it have been more acceptable or carried more credibility?

If not, I guess you’re falling in trap of the classical logical fallacy.

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