Friday, October 08, 2010

Victim of a Super Hype

 This is what I think about Enthiran.  I went to the movie with amazing expectation and excitement, but came back disappointed:

1) Its not a world-class movie, its a movie with world-class CG effects.
2) Why is that people think that everything else can be overlooked, primarily story and logic, just because the canvas is going to big?  This is my biggest qualm and biggest disappointment.

Countless amateurish, illogical scenes and sequences (including a great scientist (Danny) failing to make a robot that will not be even able to walk properly and he irrationally getting frustrated with it).
3) Aishwarya Rai perhaps thought Shankar & co should be content and grateful just to haver her in the movie.  She's pathetic in terms of acting. Her looks are jaded.  Of course, she stuns with some wonderful dance movements now and then.  Not sufficient.  

(Btw, why does the robot take a liking to her? She doesn't seem to have any spl. qualities other than looking good.  She's in fact a person who cannot be trusted, she copies in exams and unabashedly disowns the robot that helped her.)  
4) It was unbearable to have Santhanam and Karunas as robotics students. Their comedy was pathetic and no one bothered about it.

5) I also did not like the final sentimental sequence - it was so blatant.  It could have been subtler, more symbolic, with some good directorial punch.  It reminded me of the innumerable movies where the hero is about to die, he tries to be forcefully cheerful and witty, while everyone around cries (Some recent example: Shahrukh and his usual trademark acting in the final sequences of Kal ho na ho).  Why should such a modern-themed film have such a classic, boring climax?
Big pluses: Villain Rajini with that amazing style; superb, natural CG effects, including the amazing climax sequence.

Other 'like'ables:  Underplayed Rajini, interesting dialogues,  details of the robot (title sequences), Aishwarya's amazing dance movements, well designed costumes, locations

Agreed that the movie has to reach the masses and hence one needs to make allowances for the 'masala' and illogical elements.  Still...
And agreed that I understand Tamil far far better than English and hence I might not have understood logic potholes in Hollywood sci-fi movies.  Still....
... I suspect now that those who gave raving reviews about the movie in FB were paid for by Sun Pictures.
However, there's no questioning the fact - as I read it somewhere - that its a magic waiting to happen for you in theatres.  

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